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Our leadership has over 30 years of experience specifically in the manufacture cement bonded wood fiber materials. Working with the original inventors of the material, we have learned from, and built on over 70 years of collective knowledge spread over 7 continents and 14 manufacturing locations throughout the world.

The development of this material was made possible through the creation of a unique, natural treatment process that allowed raw wood fibre to be bonded with Portland cement. The softwood aggregate is a by-product from the lumber industry, as well as carefully selected recycled material from the construction industry.

The original product line was the stay-in-place concrete wall formwork system. This product was developed to service the building industry in post-war Europe, at a time when other natural resources were scarce and traditional building methods were not possible or cost effective. Over the years, the Nexcem team has been part of the successful introduction of numerous other products incorporating the proprietary material. Nexcem products currently within our production capabilities include:

– Stay-in-place concrete wall formwork
– Stay-in-place concrete floor formwork
– Pre-fabricated wall systems
– Roof plank systems
– Acoustic panels for highway noise barriers, industrial buildings, tunnels and airports
– Concrete safety barriers for highways
– Earth retaining panels

As we launch our new system and material, we will be carefully selecting strategic products and markets for introduction as we see market potential.

The Nexcem material is made from recycled waste wood (100% natural lumber) that is bonded with standard Portland Cement. It does not burn or melt and is completely resistant to mold, moisture, rot, termites and other vermin. It is a lightweight material that can be molded into any shape. It is thermally insulating, non-combustible, durable, insect proof and sound absorptive. The Nexcem material poses no threat to the environment and contains no toxic ingredients. We do not use polystyrene, foams, plastics or other potentially detrimental materials in the manufacture of our products.

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