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Please note that with the inclusion of ICF systems in the 2009 IRC and IBC Building Codes, ICC approvals are no longer required.

The Wall Form system is a stay-in-place formwork (ICF) that is used to hold a structural grid of concrete and steel in place until cured. Concrete strength and steel requirements are currently designed in accordance with Section R611 of IRC2012 which also defers to a professional engineer designing in accordance with ACI 318, when project specifics fall outside of the limitations of R611. Although the units may look like concrete blocks, the Nexcem material is cement-bonded wood fiber material and is used only as a formwork. Nexcem does not provide any structural resistance. It is the original insulated concrete form (ICF).

Most jurisdictions in the US will require local engineers stamp on drawings to confirm design is in accordance with ACI 318 (current version). In addition to this, plans examiners may request to see material information such as insulation values and fire resistant properties.



Likewise in Canada, CCMC approval is not required. Our product is provided as an engineered, project-specific design and submitted under Part 4 of the building code. In addition to this, material specific properties and testing may be requested.

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