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Residential & Commercial ICF Construction

Choosing superior-quality and environmentally friendly materials like Nexcem insulated concrete forms is critical for your building’s longevity. No matter what type of project you’re working on, our ICF home construction and commercial construction units are incredibly resilient to ensure that your building will endure for generations. Made from sustainable materials, Nexcem units have a minimal impact on the environment around us, providing you with a building that is energy efficient, strong, healthy, and green.


When it comes to concrete home design and commercial construction design, architects and builders have the option to use sustainable materials with Nexcem. Our ICF home construction units are cost-effective, ultra-durable, and environmentally responsible, giving the owner and the environment the best possible concrete home design solution.

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ICF Performance Benefits



For maximum safety in concrete home design or in the design of any other building, the Nexcem ICF wall system has a 4-hour fire rating. The surface burning characteristics of our ICF units far surpass all other types of ICF products. Our products have a flame spread and smoke spread rating of zero. Unlike foam, Nexcem will not ignite, melt, sustain fire, or release toxic smoke in the event of a fire.

  • Over 4-hour fire resistance rating
  • 0 flame spread
  • 11 smoke spread
  • 0 fuel contributed to fire

Test Reports are available upon request.

Strong and Durable

Impact Resistant

Standard stuccos applied over the Nexcem ICF substrate result in a finish that is less expensive and far more impact resistant than conventional EIFS systems (polystyrene and stucco). Detailed information regarding the use of stuccos and other finishes with the Nexcem wall system can be found in the Technical Guide.


Moisture Resistant

The Nexcem material is moisture resistant and will not rot or degrade in the presence of moisture (short or long term)


Termite Proof

Unlike wood and other materials that absorb moisture from the air, Nexcem ICF units effectively resist termites. A number of testing programs have been conducted by independent agencies such as the U.S. Forestry Service. In these tests, Nexcem samples were placed in termite-infested areas for as long as six years without any destruction of the Nexcem material.

Termite Test Report Summary is contained in our Technical Guide.


STC 54 – 72 and NRC 0.70 – 0.95

Nexcem materials are perfect for any ICF home construction or commercial construction project where noise is a consideration. The sound-absorbent properties of each unit, in combination with the wall system’s mass, provides excellent soundproofing for any building. Standard wall Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) ratings can range between 54 and 72, while Nexcem materials provide Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) ratings as high as 0.95. This means that 95% of the sound that reaches the Nexcem unit is absorbed and not reflected back into the airspace.

More information is available in our Technical Guide.

Healthy and Breathable

Nexcem ICF material is inert with no VOCs or off-gassing, and the cement content of each unit creates an above-average pH environment at the wall surface. This inhibits growth of fungi and mold. Furthermore, the hygroscopic nature of the material regulates relative humidity levels (65% RH maximum) and provides an inherent moisture regulator that keeps humidity low. This helps to further prevent any type of fungal growth.

Click here to learn more about Nexcem ICF units and indoor air quality.

More Energy Efficient

Because we put the majority of the insulation on the exterior of the concrete core (where it belongs), thermal mass gains are maximized

Green and Ecologically Friendly

Made from only clean recycled softwood waste, our insulated concrete forms lower the ecological and carbon footprint substantially.

Leed Points

A summary of LEED credits made available or contributed by the Durisol ICF System is contained in our LEED Credit Summary for Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms.

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