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Construction Overview for Building with Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms

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The construction process with Nexcem is straightforward:

1. The first course of Nexcem is typically laid directly on the footings. Footing sizes are the same as with conventional construction.

2. You can use a leveling bed of mortar or construction adhesive to get the first course level. This is important to ensure ease of construction with the later levels.

3. Horizontal rebar is placed as you stack.

4. The Nexcem units are cut using a carbide blade to fit the dimensions of the project.

5. Whenever the Nexcem unit is cut, it is important to brace both sides with boards that are screwed to the other Nexcem units and also braced to the ground. This will eliminate the potential for blowouts when pouring.

6. Braces are installed to keep the wall plumb (they are not required for strength). Typically every 10ft is adequate.

7. Vertical rebar is inserted once the walls are stacked

8. Concrete is poured – 8″ slump minimum.