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ICF Accessories

Along with concrete wall forms, panels, and pre-cut units, Nexcem offers a full range of complementary building products to help you complete any residential, commercial, or industrial building project with ease. Our selection of sustainable ICF accessories include:

  • Steel rebar
  • Glass fiber composite rebar (GFRP)
  • Balancing/scaffolding systems
  • Rim joist/ledger connectors
  • Waterproofing products
  • Air barrier products

As an established supplier of concrete wall forms throughout United States and Canada, Nexcem is a one-stop-shop for environmentally conscious home builders, architects, and designers who need thermal and standard insulated concrete wall forms as well as ICF accessories. Ensuring you have the right ICF accessories and tools for any project will make the job quick and efficient—guaranteed.

Contact us at your convenience to discuss the material requirements for your building project and to obtain a no-obligation quote. We look forward to helping you!

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