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Specific Frequency Targeting


Railway Silencers

The Nexcem Acoustic Railway Silencer is a unique patented system that has been designed, tested and proven to eliminate railway noise directly at the source. The Silencers are placed between the railway lines and come in various configurations of Nexcem material, air chambers and/or low frequency acoustic materials. Each configuration is designed to target specific frequency ranges of noise that may be of special concern. Please click on the button below to download our Railway Silencer Brochure.


The Nexcem material has a compressive strength of over 1 MPa and each silencer can easily resist loads of 2000 kg / 4400 lbs. Our products are weather proof, moisture resistant and free-draining with the first noise barrier panels installed over 35 years ago still in service today.




The sound absorptive properties of our material combined with our expertise in product configuration allows us to target specific peak frequency ranges as required by any given application and achieve NRC / SAA / αw up to 1.0




The Nexcem material has a flame spread and smoke spread rating of zero and is completely suitable for non-combustible construction.



The choice to use mineral fiber acoustic insulation material is deliberate because of its non-combustible and moisture resistant properties that complement the Nexcem material. The insulation inserts in our 200 AP and 250 AP silencers are placed in a protected internal core so that lower frequency noise can be absorbed without affecting the long term durability of the system.



The table below outlines the various standard configurations of railway silencers available. Custom configurations are also available on a project specific basis.

Nexcem Acoustic Railway Silencer Performance

Height (H)
mm / in
Top Layer
Nexcem (T)
mm / in
Core (C)
mm / in
Bottom Layer
Nexcem (B)
mm / in
(Air / Ins)
Alpha w
Peak Absorption
Freq. Range
RS 100100 / 4n/a - Solidn/a - Solidn/a - Solidn/a - Solid0.800.780.70 (M, H)(450 - 950) , (1700 - 4000)
RS 150150 / 6n/a - Solidn/a - Solidn/a - Solidn/a - Solid0.950.910.95(250 - 600) , (950 - 4000)
RS 200200 / 8100 / 450 / 250 / 2Air0.900.900.80 (L, H)(200 - 475) , (950 - 4000)
RS 200 AP200 / 8100 / 450 / 250 / 2Insulation0.950.980.90 (L)(125 - 500) , (1000 - 4000)
RS 250250 / 10100 / 4100 / 450 / 2Air0.950.890.75 (L, M, H)(150 - 275) , (950 - 4000)
RS 250 AP250 / 10100 / 4100 / 450 / 2Insulation0.950.901.00All Frequencies
  • All Standard Silencers have a width (W) = 915mm / 36″
  • All Standard Silencers have a length (L) = 305mm / 12″ (along the track)
  • Shape Indicators (L, M, H) signify absorption coefficients exceeding the reference value by min. 0.25 in the Low, Medium or High frequency ranges respectively

Watch our technical video presentation on train noise solutions here

Please click the button below to download the sound absorption tests for the Nexcem Railway Silencers

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