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Green building materials are being embraced by contractors all over the world. This is in line with other sustainable construction trends, like the tiny home living trend. Tiny homes require less energy and fewer overall resources to construct and maintain efficiently. Here are just a few reasons why Nexcem insulated concrete forms are perfect for building tiny homes.


As mentioned, tiny homes naturally have lower heating and cooling costs due to less usage and smaller space. Nexcem insulated concrete forms can cut utility bills even more by insulating your tiny home and maximizing its ability to retain heat or cold. When all is said and done, ICF walls can save homeowners 20% to 25% on annual heating and cooling costs, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


It should come as no surprise that durability is absolutely vital in all types of tiny home construction. This is because most tiny homes just don’t have the sturdy and reliable foundation that traditionally constructed homes do. As a result, builders need to take extra measures to ensure durability in even the most severe conditions. That’s where Nexcem ICFs come in. Buildings constructed with Nexcem ICFs are six to nine times stronger than traditional buildings. What’s even more shocking is that tiny homes built with ICFs have superior protection to natural disasters: ICF construction is capable of protecting properties from the elements because they’re capable of withstanding 402 kph winds.

Overall Financial Efficiency

When the two qualities listed above are combined, they create long-term financial efficiency for those living in tiny homes. In addition to saving money on monthly heating and cooling expenses, tiny homes built with ICFs require significantly less maintenance. These long-term savings add up. In the end, ICF systems can cut final costs on a property by an estimate of $0.75 per square foot. Not to mention, the lack of maintenance required for homes built with this material is something that many people can’t put a price on.

ICF systems have been used in global construction for over 60 years, and while tiny home construction is a relatively newer trend, there’s no limit to what becomes possible when the two worlds collide. For more information about Nexcem insulated concrete forms, contact Nexcem.

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