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Home construction doesn’t have to be environmentally destructive. As long as you’re using the right construction materials, working alongside experienced builders, and remaining focused on taking eco-friendly steps, you should be able to start and finish a quality energy-efficient home construction process.

Here are some great tips for constructing a home that’s environmentally friendly and energy-efficient:


    • Use ICF wall systems — Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are great for both below- and above-grade home building construction. These ICF building blocks are not only energy-efficient because of their high insulation values, they are extremely durable. In fact, structures built with ICF blocks are actually six to nine times stronger than traditional buildings. ICF blocks are both moisture resistant and fireproof, and their exterior surface won’t dent like polystyrene materials. Additionally, you’ll be able to prevent termites and vermin from damaging the property because ICF materials are termite and rodent proof.


    • Install quality windows — Make sure that that windows that you are using are appropriate for the specific climate the home will be located in. Additionally, your window efficiency will drastically improve (or decrease) depending on the direction of your windows. Keep in mind, no matter what kind of windows you’re installing or where, you need to ensure that you properly seal all joints, ducts, doors, vents, and sills as well.


    • LED lighting — You can construct an energy-efficient home but ruin its energy levels by using the wrong type of light fixtures. LED lighting can save a homeowner a significant amount of money and last much longer than other lights before they will need to be replaced. LED lighting is not only great for improving a home’s energy efficiency, they are one of the quickest return on investment items.


    • Solar roofing — Traditional roofing panels aren’t nearly as popular as they used to be. Now, thanks to some innovative roofing discoveries, homeowners can install solar roofing panels that provide a major boost in home efficiency.


If you want to learn more about energy-efficient home construction or are in need of eco-friendly insulated concrete building blocks, give Nexcem a call today.

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