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Healthy, Efficient, Strong

Builders not only choose Nexcem green buildng material because they are LEED building rated, but also because of the ease with which walls can be constructed. The Nexcem material is easily cut, nailed and screwed with simple carpenter tools. The ICF wall forms are light-weight and thermally insulating which allows easy winter construction without any additional heating.The unique free-draining Nexcem material allows the use of high-slump concrete in the field that makes for easier and faster concrete pouring that ensures a solid wall, without any compromise in strength.

Easy to Build

Builders choose Nexcem because of the ease with which walls are built.

Nexcem is light-weight, easily cut, nailed and screwed with simple carpentry tools.

Easy to Pour

With Nexcem, since the material is free draining and permeable, the high slump concrete makes pouring very easy and fast, without affecting strength.

Also, with other ICF systems, air can only escape from the top of the formed wall and when concrete is poured into these styrofoam forms,  there is a risk of getting air trapped, creating voids. 

With Nexcem, air can also excape through the sides of the forms – hence no potential for voids.

Zero Blowouts

The Nexcem material is considerably stronger than other ICF materials. Even with high-slump concrete, Nexcem Wall Forms never blow-out during concrete pouring (when following requirements in our technical guide). Additional bracing is only required with Nexcem when the Wall Form units have been cut or altered on-site.

Easy to Finish

Interior finishes are applied directly to the Nexcem material, eliminating subsequent steps in the construction process. Drywall can be attached anywhere on the Wall Form surface, while the open-textured nature of the hardened Nexcem makes it an ideal substrate for plasters (with mesh).

For the exterior, you will still require a weather / air barrier which is followed with your finish of choice: Stucco (with mesh), Siding (strapping recommended) or Brick / Stone.

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