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High Performance Walls

Nexcem Construction Advantages

Builders not only choose Nexcem ICF units because they are certified LEED building materials but also because of the ease with which walls can be constructed using these units. Our light construction material is easily cut, nailed, and screwed with simple carpenter tools. Our ICF wall forms are lightweight and thermally insulating, which allows for easy winter construction without the need for additional heating. The free-draining properties of our ICF wall forms also allow for the use of high-slump concrete in the field, which makes for easier and faster concrete pouring. This ensures a solid wall without any compromise in strength.

Interior finishes are applied directly to the Nexcem material, eliminating subsequent steps in the construction process. Drywall can be attached anywhere on the surface of these LEED building materials, while the open-textured nature of hardened Nexcem makes each unit an ideal substrate for plasters.

For the exterior, we recommend an air / weather barrier over the exterior surface followed by any traditional finish (stucco, siding, brick veneer). The combination of our light construction material with any exterior finish will result in a durable, impact resistant exterior finish.


Benefits of Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cut (like wood)
  • Thermal properties allow for winter construction
  • Zero voids
  • No blowouts
  • Screws can attach to any point on the unit’s surface
  • Easy to finish

When it comes to building projects, choose Nexcem ICF units for quality you can trust. Please see below for more detailed information about using Nexcem for LEED green home building projects and other conventional applications. We look forward to helping you create the best possible eco-friendly residential, commercial or industrial building!

Architects, designers, and home builders choose Nexcem ICF blocks because of the ease of use. The lightweight nature of these blocks allows for the hassle-free construction of walls. Each block can be manipulated using simple carpenter tools to cut, nail, and screw.

These strong yet light construction materials feature free-draining characteristics to allow for quick and easy pouring of high-slump concrete. Concrete with a slump between 7” and 9” is recommended for use in conjunction with Nexcem ICF units.

Due to the porosity of each Nexcem block, air is able to escape through the sides of each unit. This eliminates any potential for voids or “honey-combing” within the concrete structure. Other ICF systems only let air escape through the top of the form. When concrete is poured into Styrofoam units, there is a chance of air becoming trapped – creating voids within the concrete structure. Nexcem materials avoid this issue completely.

Nexcem material is considerably stronger than other ICF products. Even with high-slump concrete, our Durisol Wall Forms never blow out during concrete pouring (when following the requirements in our technical guide).

Additional bracing is only required with Nexcem when the Wall Form units have been cut or altered on-site.

Interior finishes are applied directly over the Nexcem material, eliminating any extra steps and hassles in the final rounds of the construction process. Drywall can be attached anywhere on the Wall Form surface. The open-textured nature of the hardened Nexcem also makes it an ideal substrate for plasters.

Exterior Stuccos will still typically require reinforcing (mesh or lath) to eliminate the potential for the subsequent cracking of the finish at joint outlines.

Interior plasters typically do not require any additional reinforcement.