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High Performance Windows and Doors

High Performance Windows and Doors

Nexcem has partnered with Internorm to provide our clients with preferred pricing on high-performance window and doors. Nexcem and Internorm components compliment each other to provide an integrated wall system that is unparalleled in performance. Being the largest and one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers in Europe, Internorm’s vertically integrated facility and technical support network provide the best quality,  performance and customer service available in the industry. Technical experts are typically provided on-site to ensure proper installation and commissioning of windows within the Nexcem wall. With this partnership, we can confidently offer our clients the complete line of triple pane windows and doors, featuring Europe’s signature tilt-and-turn functionality and exceptional quality.


Internorm provides 4 window frame profile designs to accommodate various architectural styles :

STUDIO : Clear shapes and minimal design are typical. The minimalist living style is reduced to the basics.

HOME PURE : Bright, light-flooded rooms create space. Straight-lined shapes and modern design emphasize the architecture.

HOME SOFT : This building style exudes harmony and warmth, homely living comfort which radiates warmth and support.

AMBIENTE : Art nouveau, traditional, classic houses and elegant estates describe this architectural style. A composition of timeless classic and elegance.

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25 Reasons to choose Internorm


UPVC windows are affordable, durable, insensitive to moisture, and have low conductivity. No surprise that this material is widely used in the construction industry.

When heated, UPVC is extremely flexible. Therefore, it facilitates the shaping of the frame, such as rounded and pointed arches. However, once this material is hardened it becomes very robust. The result is a weather-resistant and maintenance-free surface.

Our selection of UPVC windows are available in a classic white frame, with additional colour foils available upon request. Add mullions or Georgian bars for a traditional design.




Façade design involves more than just choosing colours. Here, an aluminium shell on the exterior frame offers multiple design options, as it can be coated in a wide variety of finishes. Refer to the RAL colour chart for colour choices.

UPVC aluminum windows combine the best of both worlds. Aluminum improves the quality and durability of the window profile, while UPVC offers excellent thermal and sound insulation. The perfect match – a weather-resistant exterior shell and a low-maintenance interior surface. 



Wood – Aluminum

As part of the façade, windows are exposed to the elements, with wood being particularly susceptible. The solution: a durable aluminium shell protects the exterior window frame.

The intelligent composite system of wood, high thermal insulation foam, and aluminum offers several advantages. The wood core significantly improves heat retention and the overall performance of the window frame. Internorm wood aluminum windows are ideally suited for homes with the highest energy-saving standards, such as Net-Zero homes and Passive Houses.

The low-maintenance and weather-resistant qualities of aluminum also allow you to customize your design with an endless possibility of colours. The aluminum shell is available in all RAL colours. On the interior, wood creates the desired natural, cosy look.



All Aluminum

Trusted strength and durability. Our line of YAWAL® aluminum window models are versatile and suitable for projects of all scales, from commercial façades to custom residential homes. They offer the best overall performance, unrivalled among North American standard window systems.

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NeuFenster is our Internorm [1st] window partner that provides technical on-site support and after-sales service. They have fulfilled regular training and independent certification to ensure they are current with the latest technologies and installation procedures using Internorm products.

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