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Looking to incorporate green building materials into your next remodel or renovation? Then ICF walls and ICF building blocks may be the perfect investment for you. We understand the concerns many experience when considering this type of building material, as it isn’t what you normally might purchase. That being said, we are confident you will be more than pleased with the final results.

We hope to address some of your worries below, but if you have any other questions please feel free to contact the team here at Nexcem. We would love to serve you soon.

Poor Insulation

One major concern is that these construction materials do not insulate well. Well, that is one worry you can quickly put to rest because they are known for their superior insulation. Along with this, when compared to regular construction, it was shown that ICF materials systems also provide negligible thermal bridging and increased thermal mass.

Increased Costs

If you are worried about throwing away money, there is nothing to be concerned about. Nexcem’s ICF products are extremely energy efficient, so you will actually notice a significant decrease in your energy bills once they are installed. In fact, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that homeowners could save anywhere from 20% to 25% on their yearly heating and cooling costs, thanks to these products high performance abilities. Our customers have seen savings in energy costs even as high as 50% – 60% because of integrated high performance building envelope components.

Worried about construction costs? Don’t stress. This type of labor requires fewer steps overall, so many jobs wind up costing quite a bit less than when conventional methods are used. For example, basement construction costs could be lowered by right around 40%.

Less Durability

If the construction process costs less and takes less time, then the structural integrity of the system must be compromised, right? Not with Nexcem ICF. These green building materials can withstand winds up to 402 kph, so even some major natural disasters will not take them down. In fact, these buildings are often around six to nine times stronger than models made with more traditional materials.

Not Moisture Resistant

We understand that water and excess moisture can do a lot of damage throughout a home, and it does not take long before materials will start to break down once they are exposed. Many worry about Nexcem’s ICF materials soaking in water and deteriorating, but we can assure you that our products are completely water resistant. Water damage won’t be something you have to deal with any time soon.

Reach Out Today

If you have been searching for green building materials that will provide your home with the strength, protection, and long-lasting durability you need, then look no further. Nexcem has the products and services to get you through it all. Call today to work with our team.

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