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In today’s increasingly sustainable and energy efficient society, there are seemingly countless ways to add eco-friendly elements to your home. One innovative home construction material that’s quickly increasing in popularity is ICF technology, or insulated concrete forms. Before you invest in ICF blocks for your home, it’s important to understand how exactly they’ll work to improve efficiency. Here are just a few ways ICFs work to improve your home’s efficiency.

Durable Design
Before you invest in any type of insulating material, you should be aware that buildings constructed with ICFs are six to nine times stronger than traditional buildings. This means that not only will a home built with ICFs inherently last longer than one built with traditional construction materials, but in the event of a storm or destructive natural disaster, your home will be significantly more protected. In fact, ICF construction is capable of protecting properties from natural disasters because they can withstand 402 kph winds. Rest assured that when you invest in ICF blocks, you’re investing in your home’s structural integrity and longevity.

Lower Construction Costs
It may sound surprising, but the cost of constructing buildings using ICF construction materials is actually lower than traditional construction costs. In fact, ICF construction typically costs 40% less than the conventional basement construction due to reducing the number of steps. Part of this benefit also translates to less waste: when constructing ICF walls, only one row is constructed at a time. End blocks are cut to fit to reduce waste. These innovating construction features make for noticeably lower building expenses.

Less Energy Use
Finally, many homeowners say the main advantage of ICFs is related to reduced energy use. These insulated blocks are designed to provide significant savings on your utility bills. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, ICF walls can save homeowners 20% to 25% on annual heating and cooling costs. Other experts say that the overall energy savings costs are between 30% and 70%.

Ultimately, understanding how ICF blocks improve home efficiency is the key to determining whether or not they may be a worthwhile investment for your sustainability needs. For more information about ICF installation, contact Nexcem.

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